We Are Young

It’s a pretty damn good time to be a young gun owner in America. Times are changing. The intricacies and enhancements to firearm designs continue to improve. Gun ranges and guntry clubs are popping up all over the place. And let’s hear it for the surge of female gun owners – you go, ladies.

We are armed and proud. Living fast and for the moment. And we are ready to jam.

The Age

It isn’t a number, it’s a mindset. We have a sense of adventure and wonder that brings us crashing through the morning coffee and into a new day. Firearms and fitness are our lifestyle. Exploration and excitement are our lofty agendas. While we appreciate tradition, we aren’t concerned with conforming to it when there’s a new edge to be run. It’s our time.

The Setting

We’re happiest outside, and that’s where this playlist follows us. Mostly so we can blast our tunes unrestrained (of course we still have to leave a fair amount of space between us and civilization). Find a ranch, find an outdoor range, find an old fence post that you can set an empty beer can on top of. Just make sure that it’s fresh air coursing through your lungs when you turn it up. 

The Company

We are young. We have our whole life ahead of us. So let’s celebrate tonight, together. Surround yourself with your fellow armed and proud friends, and make a day of it. Or a night of it. Better yet, make a life of it.

The Mood

No distractions: the project at work, the fight with your girlfriend, the bill that needs to be paid. Our focus isn’t there now. It’s in this moment, in this place, with these people. We’re in America, where we have the freedom to own a firearm and celebrate that right with our countrymen. Nothing else needs to matter right now. Just this.

The Tunes

Alright, you’re ready. Look around you and soak up the greatness of being a young, proud gun owner. Life is pretty fantastic sometimes, don’t you think? Now pick your gun of choice, press play and pull the trigger.

1. Intro – The xx
2. I Can’t Stop – Flux Pavillion
3. Save the World – Swedish House Mafia
4. We Are Young – Fun.
5. Hearts on Fire – Cut Copy
6. We Come Running – Youngblood Hawke
7. Timeless – The Airborne Toxic Event
8. Blue Jeans – Lana Del Ray
9. Over & Over – Smallpools
10. Stay Awake – Ellie Goulding & Madeon

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