Match | This Brand in That World

For most of us, “that 1911 is like the IWC of the gun world” is the only explanation we need. Immediately, we know that it’s built on absolute precision, looks better than most and has a certain aura about it. While a Timex also happens to tell time just like this Miramar on my wrist, the IWC watch is Swiss.

In an industry built on quality, steeped in legacy and boasting as much glamour as Valentino couture, it’s not hard to match firearm brands to their “mainstream” cultural equals. We believe these pairings boost both brands to their full potential.

Blaser | BMW

The ultimate machines. These German-made monsters of design won’t feature any perks that don’t enhance the only reason you’re here: to experience the elemental thrill of shooting/driving. 

Photos from Blaser | BMW

Daniel Defense | Nike

Build your own DDM4 and color your custom fly knits from your couch. These two pioneers of customization cater to the one-of-a-kind shooter athlete. 

Photos from: Daniel Defense | Nike

Holland & Holland | Patek Philippe

“And then I’m going to go pick one up before they close,” said no one ever about these venerable brands. At sky-high price points, they embody the definition of investment: these are born to be heirlooms.

Photos from: Holland & Holland | Patek Philippe 


Smith & Wesson | Apple

Yes, we said it. If there was ever a firearm brand that mirrors Apple’s inspiring, innovative drive to cater to the consumer, Smith & Wesson is on their way. S&W is showing a unique hold on simplifying their product offerings and tailoring them to very specific audiences. S&W annual keynote, anyone?

Photos from: Smith & Wesson | Apple